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Research Projects

Concutest: A Framework for Testing Concurrent Programs

Mint: Multi-stage Programming for Java

xajavac: Extended Annotations-Enabled javac

LAPT-javac: Local Variable-Enabled javac

DrJava IDE

Programming for Change: The Temperature Calculator

Object-Oriented Design Festival

Design Patterns for Parsing

Assignments for an Objects-First Curriculum

Design Patterns for Marine Biology Simulation

Geometry Synthesis


Geometry Synthesis by Analogy


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      Short Biography
I am a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Programming Languages Team at Rice University and one of the principal developers of the DrJava integrated development environment. My research interests include concurrent programming, extending the Java language, and computer science education. I am the developer of the Concutest concurrent unit testing framework and have created various experimental extensions of Java to address, for instance, programming with meta-data. I have recently contributed to Mint, a multi-stage extension of Java that allows safe and expressive statically typed program generation and specialization in an imperative language setting.

I currently work as a software development engineer and climb mountains.

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