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Concutest: A Framework for Testing Concurrent Programs

Mint: Multi-stage Programming for Java

xajavac: Extended Annotations-Enabled javac

LAPT-javac: Local Variable-Enabled javac

DrJava IDE

Programming for Change: The Temperature Calculator

Object-Oriented Design Festival

Design Patterns for Parsing

Assignments for an Objects-First Curriculum

Design Patterns for Marine Biology Simulation

Geometry Synthesis


Geometry Synthesis by Analogy


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      Geometry Synthesis

The creation of meaningful geometry for architecture or simulations currently takes a considerable amount of time. Traditional geometry creation usually entails the creation of a rough layout of the architecture, the manual addition of geometric detail, and a final application of colors and textures to it.

By automating large portions of this using the parametric generation of large-scale geometry and the subsequent addition of detail using techniques borrowed from texture synthesis, this process might be accelerated dramatically.

I propose to study algorithms that allow for such automatic geometry synthesis and to create an editing environment that enables the user to automatically generate architecture governed by a set of parameters. In a second phase, the environment will then be used to synthesize meaningful detail into the still raw architecture.

The system will display the results 3-dimensionally and let the user export them into other programs.

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