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Concutest: A Framework for Testing Concurrent Programs

Mint: Multi-stage Programming for Java

xajavac: Extended Annotations-Enabled javac

LAPT-javac: Local Variable-Enabled javac

DrJava IDE

Programming for Change: The Temperature Calculator

Object-Oriented Design Festival

Design Patterns for Parsing

Assignments for an Objects-First Curriculum

Design Patterns for Marine Biology Simulation

Geometry Synthesis


Geometry Synthesis by Analogy


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      Object-Oriented Design Festival


At SIGCSE 2006, Dr. Dung Nguyen, Dr. Stephen Wong, Eric Cheng, and I prepared a workshop on object-oriented design.

The workshop has been accepted to the SIGCSE 2006 conference to be held here in Houston, Texas, March 1-5, 2006. The workshop was held on Wednesday, March 1, from 7 to 10 PM. The abstract has been published in the conference proceedings.


Object-oriented (OO) programming begins with analysis and design that produce a model describing the objects in the problem domain,
their relationships, creation and interactions. The workshop covers fundamentals of OO analysis and design such as abstraction, separation of variants from invariabb nts and decoupling of system components, via appropriate applications of composition, inheritance, polymorphism, and design patterns. The workshop will progress from a small design example illustrating the principles to a larger design problem to be solved by small teams of participants. Their solutions will be discussed in terms of design goals and compared against a solution provided by the presenters.


All of the workshop materials are available online:

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