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COMP 402: Production Programming




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This is a tentative schedule for the topics to be covered in the lectures. This schedule will be revised as necessary and is given only as a reference for past topics and a guideline for future topics.

After the first four or five weeks, we will probably have lectures once a week, and work in the lab the other two days. If there is no lecture listed on the schedule, you can assume that we will meet in the PLT lab (DH 3108).

Assignments are given on the day after the previous assignment was due. Assignments are due by the BEGINNING of class on the due date, i.e. at 1:59 PM.

Date Lecture Assignment Due
M 01/05/09 Welcome & Administration  
W 01/07/09 Concurrency  
F 01/09/09 Concurrency (cont'd)  
M 01/12/09 Concurrency Constructs Read Everything I know about programming, I learned in kindergarten (pdf)
W 01/14/09 Concurrency Constructs (cont'd)  
F 09/16/09 Concurrency Constructs (cont'd)  
M 01/19/08 MLK Day — no classes HW01: Concurrency Exercises
W 01/21/09 Concurrency Homework Discussion  
F 01/23/09 DrJava Build Process and Code Coverage Tools  
M 01/26/09 DrJava Build Process (cont'd) and Code Coverage Tools  
W 01/28/09 Code Coverage Tools (cont'd) and Unit Test Discussion  
F 01/30/09    
M 02/02/09    
W 02/04/09    
F 02/06/09 Small Projects Discussion Unit Tests
M 02/09/09    
W 02/11/09    
F 02/13/09    
M 02/16/09    
W 02/18/09 (class cancelled, please work on your projects)  
F 02/20/09 Profiling  
M 02/23/09    
W 02/25/09    
F 02/27/09    
M 03/02/09 Spring Break — no classes  
W 03/04/09    
F 03/04/09    
M 03/09/09    
W 03/11/09    
F 03/13/09    
M 03/16/09    
W 03/18/09    
F 03/20/09    
M 03/23/09    
W 03/25/09    
F 03/27/09    
M 03/30/09    
W 04/01/09    
F 04/03/09 Midterm Recess — no classes  
M 04/06/09    
W 04/08/09    
F 04/10/09    
M 04/13/09    
W 04/15/09 Documentation with DocBook  
F 04/17/09 Last day of classes  

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