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COMP 202: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming II

  Dynamic Class Loading  

In the design of the Temperature Calculator assignment, we want the program to have the ability to convert between temperature scales that are not known at compile time. Since you cannot know the class names of classes not known at compile time, the model cannot simply create an object of that class by doing new Celsius() or something similar that uses the class name directly in the source code.

When the "Add..." button is pressed, the user can enter the fully qualified class name, i.e. the class name with all the package names in front of the class (e.g. java.lang.Object as opposed to just Object

The starting point of most reflection concerns is a class named Class. In most cases, we will need to import a package named java.lang.reflect to make use of the classes pertaining to reflection.

Below is a method that makes use of the above class loading capability to add a new temperature unit to the list of units, after asking the user to enter the fully qualified class name and storing that name in the className string:


Here is some source code that uses reflection to perform operations on lists.


  Dynamic Class Loading  

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